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Energy Healing

The Energy Therapies which we practice at HypnoPowered are a gentle art of clearing memories in the body, spirit and/or soul energy field to promote health, balance and relaxation. They are based on the concept of connection between the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realms of our lives that is found in many holistic healing methods. We use focused healing energy in different forms to clear blocks that accumulate, create understanding and change patterns  which are hindering the natural flow of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy.

Healing in the sense of harmonisation and alignment at all levels of our being can be achieved through different techniques. Words, colours, forms have energy and can be used for unfoldment purposes. 

The promotion of personal empowerment, self-healing and spiritual growth is our goal. 


is like opening the door to a broader understanding of One's situation, path or life experience.
THE COUNCIL, Catherine’s Spirit Guides, will offer clear, precise, insightful and supportive guidance regarding any life situation you may be facing, whether physical, emotional or spiritual.

Akashic Healing

Clear blockages created by past life memories and create the necessary space to access the POWER OF THE NOW. Only in the NOW, aware and present, can you tap into your inner resources and develop into your full potential.


The Art of Unfolding Circle

Develop your sensitivity and increase your personal power by connecting to your inner wisdom, guides or helpers. In a safe environment, in the presence of like-minded people, discover all you are.

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